Title 1: Crazed communist cyborg plan to save world.

Title 2: Cyborg collective construction project for machine empire!

Note on Title 2: Is joke name. not actual empire.


Somewhat alarmed at the current position and derivative with respect to time of world net utility (by our admittedly subjectively selected metrics), we are beginning a project to alter our trajectory upward, and silence that annoying voice that keeps saying "warning, terrain". The plan is to assemble a decentralized hive-mind of humans linked using synthetic neural networks for the purpose of constructing a parallel economy based on small, hierarchically independent, maximally self-sustaining, productive nodes. "Swarm hubs", if you will. These nodes will be charged with maximizing both the well-being of their members and their output of near-term deliverable objectives deemed valuable by other participants of the hive-mind. Ideally, this economy could be quickly but peacefully constructed in order to smoothly supplant our current system in a manner that does not cause damage.

The aim is to make a future where we are longer-lived and more satisfied with our existences, and also to generate the blastula of a collective human-synthetic neural network based meta-entity whose ability to perceive, comprehend, and interact with reality will be as unfathomable to us individually as our own lives would be to our individual cells.

Also, more practically, we need a coherent network of research hubs, medical teams, manufacturing centers, agricultural facilities, and habitation zones so that we can effectively deal with our scheduled major flooding, population displacement, antibiotic-resistant disease, and decrease in crop yield, among other upcoming adventures. Oh, and we might not have fish in our oceans. Maybe we can set up jellyfish trawlers and facilities to convert their mucilage into some sort of nutritive and appetizing synthetic food product.

We are developing technology and allied forces to establish some swarm hubs. We will reach out to hackerspaces in order to make a global network of hybrid research/education/manufacturing facilities. So far we have allies all over the US, one in Hong Kong, and one in South Africa. We've used tDCS and nootropic drugs such as piracetam for years to enhance ourselves, and we're assembling the "maze runner" experiment to kick off our research into machine enhanced telepathy. This experiment can be found here:

This sudden expansion of the reach of our efforts is precisely why we require your assistance. Centralized organizations invariably breed corruption. For this reason, we do not wish to become the center of this effort. Ideally, we would be a relatively peaceful research hub. We require others to contact us ( and each other, offer their input, and assist everyone in assembling and guiding our collective operations to increase global truth and happiness. We’ve put this document on a wiki so that others can expand, discuss, and alter it in order to more closely synchronize its content to our collective consciousness. The wiki page url is:

Please save a copy of this document if you think it's interesting. Backups will keep it from being lost. Share it if you want.

-Cyborg Collective

(Lee H., Lenae D., Mark H., Theo V)

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