Vinpocetine [continuous nootropic]

Dosing: 10mg, closely watch for adverse reaction
   10mg 3x daily thereafter

Reason for use: Promotes memory; neuroprotective, increases cerebral blood flow [Note: Personal experience and additional research has led me to conclude that Vinpocetine does not have a beneficial effect at low (<20mg) doses in normal test subjects. This section will be revised to include that research; for my subjective experience, read my personal log.]

Data on vinpocetine is sketchy. Several studies show improvement in memory, but a cochrane review found "although the basic science is interesting, the evidence for beneficial effect ... is inconclusive...". However, vinpocetine has no significant negative side effects or drug intereactions, so I will see for myself what its effects are -- in vitro studies find neurogenerative and neuroprotective effects.
"Vinpocetine enhances retrieval of a step-through passive avoidance response in rats"
Vinpocetine administered before task learning increased duration of memory retention.

Reason for dosing: Most studies tested vinpocetine at 10mg 3x daily. Furthermore, a paper claiming synergistic effects with Piracetam indicated a ratio of 5mg vinpocetine to 400mg Piracetam, so 10mg 3x daily is in line with my Piracetam dosage.
"Formulation an evaluation of bilayered tablet of Piracetam and Vinpocetine"
Notes synergistic nootropic effects, proposes ratio of 400mg Piracetam:5mg Vinpocetine.

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