Already taking: Piracetam

November 17: Took Vinpocetine for the first time. Noted malaise and feeling of sluggishness, elimination of the energizing and euphoric effects I've been experiencing with Piracetam, combined with mild stomach upset and soreness in my nephrectomy scars. I will begin taking vinpocetine, 10mg, 3x daily.

November 18, 14h00: Vinpocetine appears to cause peculiar, lucid dreams in me. Nothing unpleasant, just abnormally vivid. Took the day's first dose of Vinpocetine (along with my other nootropics). Noted the same sluggishness, stomach upset, soreness, and lack of the typical mild energizing euphoria of Piracetam alone. I am decreasing my dose of Vinpocetine to 5mg 3x daily. I will begin taking only 5mg immediately, for the remaining two doses of the day and continuing thereafter.

November 18, 18h40: 40min after second (reduced, 5mg) dose, slight headache
19h00: headache disappeared, transitioned to dull twinges of pain in my nephrectomy scars. I'm uncertain whether this is due to the Vinpocetine or not. If symptoms persist, I will stop taking it and see if they continue.
19h30: headache returned, slight paranoia
23h30: decided to stop taking Vinpocetine. Additional research showed its benefits unsubstantiated in normal humans at my continuous dosing levels. Some benefit was found in taking 40mg immediately before an activity to be remembered, but that dose would cause unpleasant side effects for me, and continuous low-dose consumption appears to show positive effects only in those with neurological degeneration of some sort.
"Psychopharmacological effects of vinpocetine in normal healthy volunteers"
November 19: The negative symptoms I attributed to Vinpocetine are decreasing in intensity.
November 20: The malaise and dull pain in my stomach and nephrectomy scars have subsided completely.

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