November 1, 2011: began taking Piracetam, at 4.8g/day
   No significant effect, just a vague feeling of my mental machinery shifting -- and a peculiarly lucid daydream of a deer being drained of its blood.
November 4: attack dosing ends, Piracetam dosage is decreased to 2.4g/day
November 10: my memory begins to seem abnormally clear and effective
November 12: 45min - 1.5hr after taking Piracetam, I notice a sense of calm, mild happiness, and clearheadedness. This effect occurs every time I take Piracetam from this point forward.
November 17: Pure Piracetam experiments are over. I have begun taking Vinpocetine.[I stopped taking Vinpocetine two days later]
January 25, 2012: I have found that I occasionally develop headache after taking Piracetam. Courtesy of one Matt Bader, I have been informed of the necessity of taking choline in some form concurrently with piracetam, and have found that any headache I develop is diffused 50+/-10 minutes after taking 0.5g choline bitartrate.
January 31: Over the past several days I have found that by restricting my choline intake I can induce a headache 60 +/- 20 minutes after taking a dose of piracetam, and that this effect is consistent. Furthermore, taking choline after this headache is present causes it to dissipate within 50 +/- 10 minutes consistently. Further research also supports the importance of choline in conjunction with piracetam. I have updated Piracetam's technical summary to include this information.

Personal conclusion: Piracetam is highly recommended. Its side effects (in me) are nonexistent, and it produces a moderate positive effect, both on cognition and mood.
Note: In myself and several others I have given piracetam, in addition to various anecdotal accounts of its effects on the internet, a strangely specific effect has consistently occurred. people become disinterested in mindless fun and find otherwise dry pursuits, such as reading textbooks, immensely enjoyable.

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