Let me first say, my group is the best. It's not like those 'other' groups, if you get my drift. Those other groups -- all their members are the same. In my group, all the members have unique personalities. I needn't get into petty details because it's so obvious. My group is the only correct group. Only we understand the Truth of the matter. Sure, the other groups claim to have an understanding. But they're liars. They make baseless claims that could only be accepted by someone who's already been subject to their indoctrination. My group deserves to have complete control of all resources because we are the Chosen Ones, here to defend righteousness against the evildoers who would attempt to stand in our way. We crush those who oppose us mercilessly, and we are the most ethical group because of our deep compassion for all things.

We, in the Right group, have a map. It defines our Zone. Our zone is delineated by the lines on the map. There aren't many geographical markers of the borders of our zone in real life, but the lines on the map are real enough. After all, those lines are very important. The more they expand outward from our central region, the better our group is doing. Since we are such an enlightened group, we understand the Power and Glory that comes from having the lines on the map show our zone as being very large. The position of the lines on the map is more important to us than the lives of the members of our group. It's clear to anyone with half a pea-brain that the exchange of lives for redrawing of the lines on our map (to expand our zone, naturally) is a Glorious, and Righteous thing -- truly the highest calling of humanity itself. To suggest otherwise would be traitorous.

Our group collects shiny rocks because they have Value. As with the size of our zone shown on our map, these shiny rocks have such great value that they exceed the importance of mere lives or happiness. But if we were satisfied with just any shiny rocks, we could collect tens of kilograms of them within a day, and then we would have nothing to strive for. So, we decided that we could only accept particular shiny rocks as having value. The harder to get, the better. Those with the highest position within our group have the rarest, shiniest rocks. We know from the rarity and shininess of their rocks that they must be very important, and we will do anything for them as long as they give us a shiny rock in return. Some members of our group willingly damage other entities in order to procure shiny rocks. We accept this as long as we aren't the entities being damaged -- since they're most likely not in our group anyway, and thus don't matter. If we get a cut of the shiny rock generation, we're even willing to overlook damage to our group-mates, or even ourselves.

Truly, this is the only way that any sane, rational entity could live.

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